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Yoga with Nico

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Yoga with Nico

Nico’s journey in DJing began after her introductory class with Tossin’ Ted and DJ Vudu. She is a member of James Biko’s Soulition. After DJing parties for her friends and working in a yoga studio she decided to try Trap Yoga (trap music and yoga) inspired by Brandon Copeland to combine her interests. 

Yoga  with Nico takes place at UrbArts every Saturday morning and with a $5 fee on first Saturdays during Trap Yoga, which is a class for beginners. All other Saturdays are for all levels with a $10 fee. The class opens up with a couple minutes of breathing, followed by a warm-up and then into the flow (the more energetic part of the class, you might sweat a little) accompanied by the sounds of current poppin’ songs by artists like Big K.R.I.T. Migos, Kendrick Lamar, and Cardi B during Trap Yoga sessions. The class ends with a cool down which focuses more on stretching and elongating the body and then the savasana or corpse pose which aims to relax your mind and body. During the class, she encourages people not to compare themselves to others and to be at peace with where they are and who they are.

“There are a lot of mental and health benefits that people are missing out on,” says, Nico who is on a mission to make yoga more accessible and attractive to her community. The vibe of the class is relaxed and centered around being a space for those who are like her: young, black, and wanting to better themselves mentally and physically.

“Last year there was a point where I was at a low and really sad and lonely for whatever reason but luckily I was one of those people who can recognize when things aren’t right. I’ve gone to therapy a couple times and felt a lot better after it. I felt like it helped. I have been changed since then. That was a really defining moment in my life that helped me realize my self-worth. It made my life better,” Nico said. It was during this period when she really became devoted to her spirituality and yoga has helped her build on it.

Beyond Yoga and Djing, she spends time reading and eating “cheeseburgers, french fries, tacos, chicken wings, really anything.” She believes her superpower is being an empathetic nurturer and will geek over conversations about how people love each other.

Participants can check the level of an upcoming class and buy tickets to Yoga on Music is explicit so it is for mature audiences. Participants are encouraged to bring their own mat.

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