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I paint for my people…..For the ancestors, known and unknown, for my wife and children, for my multi-hued brothers and sisters, and for my beloved community, the wellspring of my inspiration and dedication. I paint to tell stories…for the ones silenced and ignored, for the ones discounted, denied or dead.

My mission is to visually document the trials and triumphs of an oppressed people. Through my work, I strive to reveal and preserve the multidimensional beauty, truth, and dignity of my people. Every brush stroke is applied with a purpose.
My art is about my people; my art is for my people.


William Burton Jr., is a native St. Louisan. As a 1985 graduate of Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, William was the recipient of 4 art scholarships. After attending the Kansas City Art Institute for 2 years, William returned to St. Louis to open an airbrush shop before moving on to public art and instructing youth in the arts of various capacities.