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VerbQuake Youth Slam

VerbQuake Youth Poetry Slam is a teen performing arts program. It is critical literacy. It is reading everyday life as text. It is treating revision as sharpening blades. It is cross-stitched quilts. It is liberation from labels. It is refusing the master’s tools or using them to tear down old frameworks. It is a platform for ideas. It is a safe space. It is a brave space. It is an open space. It is an honest mirror for a delusional region. It is marginalizing celebrations of normal and normalizing celebration of the marginal. It is sport for wordsmiths. It is the chess of grammar. It is the gauge of social distance, the science of collapsing personal space, and the art of making those technical processes awesome. It is self-advocacy. It is self-determination. It is self as a part of community. It is voices found and humanity affirmed.

It shifts tectonic plates of paradigms and reconstruct fault lines through words.

It is VerbQuake

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