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UrbArts Welcomes New Fellowship Program

This January, UrbArts began a new fellowship program in an effort to develop aspiring arts administrators in the community. Senior at Missouri State University and St. Louis native Taylor Vinson has been selected as the first UrbArts Fellow and will be laying the foundation of the fellowship program in the future.

Taylor is the Founder of Untamed Tongues Poetry Collective on the Missouri State University campus and has been active in serving the St. Louis arts community through news coverage of events during her internships with Fox 2 News and the Riverfront Times and volunteering with UrbArts during school breaks. She says, “My passion for art comes from the need to speak my truth. I’ve always been a pretty shy and quiet girl, but I love creating spaces for myself and for others to be safe in and to express who we are and how to work together to achieve the things we need.” Taylor hopes to continue onto graduate school in public policy studies after graduating in May.

The UrbArts Fellowship seeks community artists or students in their junior or senior year or in graduate school studying any major with a particular interest in community work, art, and social justice.

Responsibilities include:

  • Fifteen hours a week with some weekends and evening event shifts
  • Support administrative functions
  • Other duties as assigned

As the organization continues to grow, we will continue to build and support our artist community in new ways.

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