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Urb7: Taylored Poet

It’s beautiful when art and activism intersect. Taylored Poet represents that intersection well. She’s currently on a project that focuses on the empowerment of women.  For more info, go to https://www.facebook.com/TayloredPoet.  If you want to experience this intersection of art and activism in person, she will do her thing at Urb Poetry on Friday, Oct 12th. I got a chance to ask Taylored Poet some questions recently. It’s only right that I share them with you.

MK: What’s the story behind your stage name Taylored Poet?
TP: When I made the decision to start performing publically, I was going through a rather bitter divorce. My married last name is Taylor and I came up with Taylored Poet which equals the past tense of my previous life, one in which my creativity was stifled and often criticized. So I’m the sum of my past plus the infinite possibility of my future, thus, Taylored Poet

MK: Why are you a poet?
TP: That’s like asking me why I breathe. My grandmother was a poet, and she passed the love of word directly to me. I grew up watching her perform her poems for church events and family functions and knew that I wanted to do that. But I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I’ve known how to write.

MK: What do you look for in a president?
TP: A person who has at least a majority of my core values, one who empathizes with the needs of the masses, and who spoon feeds me the least amount of bullshit.

MK:  What artists, poets, writers inspire you?
TP: Audre Lorde and Ntzoke Shange on a nationally recognized level and practically every poet I’ve witnessed at every open mic and poetry event.

MK: If your poetry was a beverage, what would it be?
TP: Red Bull and Tequila- Poetry helps energize me when I need that extra ump, and calms me down when I’m feeling to wound up

MK: Why are women so beautiful?
TP: So many reasons…. Our life carrying ability, our ability to own each and every emotion, and on a shallow level, our pure sexual prowess!

MK: What do you wake up and go to sleep thinking about?
TP: Words, words and more words.


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