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Top 5 all-time Art Sales

Since UrbArts started its art gallery program in Summer of 2014, we have tracked artwork sales exhibited on our walls. Visual artist and Urb staffer Billy Bill was first to exhibit his work in our Old North St. Louis gallery and supply the org’s gift shop with prints. Since his show, UrbArts has held over 40 group and solo art exhibitions within our space but not always selling art. Still, we have two lists that show who sold the most original work and those who sold a mix of original work and art prints from 2014 to December 2018.

First, original art sales list, with MwazaCarol topping the list:

  1. MwazaCarol, $2,395
  2. Brooklyn Kingsburo, $1,872
  3. Holly Roe, $1,710
  4. Billy Bill, $1,685
  5. Roland Burrow, $1,620

Our next list compiles total sales of original and print works, with Holly Roe at the top.

  1. Holly Roe, $3,165
  2. Billy Bill, $2,425
  3. MwazaCarol, $2,395
  4. Brooklyn Kingsburo, $1,872
  5. Roland Burrow, $1,700

The total all-time sales list reveals the impact of selling art prints in addition to original art, propelling Billy Bill and Holly Roe to the top. Later this year, UrbArts will offer services to artists that will help them improve their print sales. For more information, email [email protected]

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