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Top 10 Selling Artists at Urb of 2018

At least 15 visual artists sold nearly a total of $5,000 of original artwork through the UrbArts Gallery program in 2018, earning at least 60% in revenue. Mid-career artist Holly Roe tops our list with  her successful solo art show Flowin’ On Rocks exhibited in June 2018. Six of the artists presented in Kris Blackmon curated annual group shows Invisible No More (Joanne McNeil, Janise Lampley) and I Still Love Her (Kayla K3mp, Amber Johnson, Tyrell Bronner, & Tiana Bojourquez). Below is a list of the ten top-selling artists at UrbArts in Old North St. Louis for last year.

The UrbArts Gallery program gives emerging  and mid-career artists an opportunity to exhibit and sell original artwork in our venue. For more information on exhibiting work, email us at

  1. Holly Roe, $1,510
  2. Kayla K3mp, $650*
  3. William Bristol, $455
  4. Joanne McNeil, $450
  5. Janise Lampley, $350*
  6. Amber Johnson, $300
  7. Tyrell Bronner, $300*
  8. Tiana Bojourquez, $250*
  9. Lorenzo Lizana, $250
  10. Maliek Nelson, $250*

*Indicates 1st-time by an emerging artist

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