About Bisa Adero

I began writing poetry when I was younger to have another way to express myself. Yet the older I got, the more poetry I wrote, the more love and passion I gained for it. A lot of my poems tend to be inspired by my everyday experiences, my spiritual lifestyle, different personal struggles, the community, the country, and even the world. I also get a lot of inspiration from other poets especially on YouTube. Some of my favorites are Crystal Valentine, Ashley August, Safia Ehhillo, Alyesha Wise, iCON and my list goes on.

When people experience my performances — knowing my ranges are wide from topics of boys disrespecting girls to female genital mutilation — there is a chance people can’t relate to my work. My point isn’t to find a way for them to truly relate, but to make it so real that you feel it in your guts. As if deep down you’ve taken this character in, not to relate to you, but to make it YOU.

Awards & Honors

  • Urb Arts – Brave New Voices Team -2016
  • VerbQuake Poetry Slam 2016 – (Grand Center Arts Academy Team -Poetic Souls -1st Place)
  • VerbQuake Poetry Slam 2016 – Individual Competition – 2nd Place
  • VerbQuake Poetry Slam 2015 – (Grand Center Arts Academy Team -Poetic Souls -4th Place)
  • VerbQuake Poetry Slam 2015- Individual Competition – 4th Place
  • STL Dancers Step UP – Dance Speaks Volume I: Student performer
  • Grand Center – Dancing in the Streets (2012)-
  • Matiff Dance
  • The Muny – ShowBoat -Musical- Youth Cast Member


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