Rustbelt 2019 Poetry Slam Tournament Update

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Rustbelt 2019 Poetry Slam Tournament Update

The Rustbelt 2019 Poetry Slam Tournament is less than four months away and team registration is half-way full.  Individual poet registration filled within a few days of being opening. This year’s field of slam poets span the coasts while still maintaining a Midwest presence. In addition to multi-regional representation, international and Southern poets have registered, too. This is becoming the largest poetry slam competition in St. Louis since Word in Motion hosted the National Poetry Slam in 2004.  It is close to becoming the largest Rustbelt Midwest Regional ever. 

Team registration is still open. The winning team will earn a $1,500.00 cash prize. The solo cash prize has been increased to $600.00.

UrbArts is proud to present this tournament and acknowledge the support of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation and its gift of several venues within .Zack. Rustbelt will held Friday June, 21st and Saturday June 22nd in Grand Center.  

Teams (Up to 32 teams):

  1. Kansas City Poetry Slam | Kansas City, MO
  2. Flesh and Blud | Detroit, MI
  3. The People | Cleveland, OH
  4. Retort United Slam Team | Grand Rapids, MI
  5. Detroit’s Finest | Detroit, MI
  6. Interfaith Poets HOLD | Ann Arbor, MI
  7. San Diego PoetrySLAM | San Diego, CA
  8. Team TMB | Minnesota
  9. The Diversity Photo in Your College Brochure | Multiple Cities
  10. TECO | Tampa, FL
  11. Social Justice Mages | Multiple Cities
  12. The St. Louis Poetry Slam | St. Louis, MO
  13. Samurai 612 | Minneapolis, MN
  14. City Kids | New York, NY
  15. Philly Team | Philadelphia, PA
  16. Functioning Adults | Vancouver, BC
  17. The Blackout | Multiple Cities
  18. Ominous Crows | St. Paul, MN
  19. “Team J David” | Cleveland, OH
  20. Berkeley Slam Team | Berkeley, CA

Solo (Filled):

  1. Samantha Slupski | Kansas City, MO
  2. David Baumgardner | Houston, TX
  3. Zachary Kluckman | Albuquerque, NM
  4. Reagan Myers | Lincoln, NE
  5. Deonte Osayande | Detroit, MI
  6. Steven Antoine Willis | Iowa City, IA
  7. Interfaith Poets HOLD | Chicago, IL
  8. Jillian Rabideau | Dallas, TX
  9. Steven Valentine | Miami, FL
  10. Imani Cezanne | Oakland, CA
  11. Tava Miller | Houston, TX
  12. Gabby E. | Dallas, TX
  13. Sawyer Reynolds | Ann Arbor, MI
  14. Gigi Bella | Austin, TX
  15. Allison Broeren HOLD | Minneapolis, MN
  16. Adina Burke | Minneapolis, MN

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