Raye Wins the First UrbSLAM Preseason Match

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Raye Wins the First UrbSLAM Preseason Match

Native Chicagoan Raye took second place in the UrbSLAM preseason competition but walked with the $25 prize in the low scoring match.  STL vet El-Thought posted the highest score, 28 points, for the one round slam but missed out on collecting the cash because he was presumed to have left the venue. In his place, Raye took the prize by getting a score of 27.9 and remaining onsite when the winners were announced. Chris Ware, an alternate on the 2013 UrbSLAM team, rounded out the top 3 by earning 27.2. Other poets who competed for the first UrbSLAM preseason match included Dre Blakdiamon Sisk (26.6), Mr. Poetry 7 (26.5), newcomer Sista Sols (24.1), and 2013 UrbSLAM team member Greg the Poet (23.8).

The last UrbSLAM preseason match happens July 26, 2013 in conjunction with the Legacy Anniversary Show featuring Selena J and Hardface among others. The UrbSLAM season begins August 30th. For more information on the 2013-14 season, click here.

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