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Paint Bloody

I have been an artist since my earliest memories. My focus for a long time was primarily portraits. I was fascinated by the various nuances that gave a face its uniqueness.
About 20 years ago I found myself bored with doing portraits. I silently questioned my lack of interest and stopped doing portraits altogether for a time. I realized that I needed my work to speak but about what.

Through a lot of introspection, I saw my fears around being a woman, being a black woman, living while black in an oppressive, racist culture. I began to examine these facets of existing and how was it relevant to what I viewed as a sterile, fake, cold-blooded world. I realized how stuffed I was with silence. I had to express that darkness that covered the corners of my mind on to something.

During that period of self-discovery, I created work which revealed a dark truth then destroyed it. I did not like my “In your face” pieces simply because I found them painful.

What I had to struggle through and accept about myself was that I’m not an artist who paints flowers unless there is blood dripping from its petals.

My name is Holly Roe and paint pieces that challenge the status quo and provoke questions.

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