October 2015 Poetry Slam Results

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October 2015 Poetry Slam Results
PlaceNameRound 1 ScoreRound 1 RankRound 2 ScoreRound 2 RankTotal ScoreTotal RankPoem Titles
1stSahara Sista SOLS29.3128.5257.32Walk the Streets/Switch, Merge, The End
2ndUnspoken27428.9155.93Daddy Issues/Domestic Disturbance
3rdThe Oracle27.8328.13556Armed Robbery/Welcome to my Nest
4thMikkel Snyder28.8225.7854.910A Family History of Radiation/Self Portrait of an Accused Shooter
4thFeliceSkye23425.9548.99The Revolution/Love Hurts, Your Turn to Change
6thSidney Rehg23827.4450.412Gentlelab/Bagg & Bottles
6thGreg the Poet23.9726.9550.812 
8thMr. Poetry 725.3625.9751.213Grown as a Man/Adore your Feet

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