November 2015 Poetry Slam Results

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November 2015 Poetry Slam Results
PlaceNameRound 1 ScoreRound 1 RankRound 2 ScoreRound 2 RankTotal ScoreTotal RankPoem Titles
1stUnspoken29.5128.91 4Definitely, Maybe/Warrior Yell
2ndFreeman Word27.5428.91 5A Philosophical Examination…/The Lion Sleeps Tonight
3rdSidney Rehg28.4126.45 6Get Better/Trichotillomania
4thFeliceSkye27.2327.13 6Slave/Miss Prissy
5thSalena Burch24.95274 9Aint I a Woman (Pt 1)/Revolution Be a Woman


Terrel Jordan22.5625.56 12Used To/ Delicate
6thPhysics21.4724.26 13What Makes a Poet/Love of Your Life
8thBenjamin20.4823.28 16Come Sit With Us/Yahweh

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