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The latest art exhibition at UrbArts Old North gallery is now available to view 24/7 with the opening of the virtual exhibit. The page features images from the exhibition, a virtual tour of the exhibit featuring a track from Enoch Raavi and the Indigenous Groove, video art by FALAQ, and an online shop for interested in buying any of the works.

Balm is the second exhibit in the Due Process Denied series that focuses on the lack of accountability from law enforcement and how victims of police killings are denied their rights.

The show features works by MwazaCarol, Marquis Terrell, Brooklyn Kingsboro, Byron Rogers, Janae Norman, JoAnn McNeil, Ronnell FALAQ Bennett, and F. Kenneth.

Opportunities for in person viewings are on Saturdays from 4 pm to 6 pm or by appointment. So far, over 100 visitors have experienced Balm in person. Now visitors can experience this show online.

The next exhibition in the Due Process Denies series open in mid-June and is entitled Dream Eaters. The call for art will post May 11th.

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