JayLuvve takes the UrbSLAM Season Opener

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JayLuvve takes the UrbSLAM Season Opener

The third season of UrbSLAM opened August 30th and 2012 champion JayLuvve took first place.

Nearly fifty people turned out to watch six poets compete $50 and points toward qualifying for Final Stage in April 2014. Newcomer Sista Sols took second place and received the only perfect score and standing ovation of the night. Recent Moorish Temple Slam winner Chris Ware took third place.  Other competitors from the night include Copasetic Soul, Enigma, and D-Squared.

The next slam of the season is September 27th at Legacy Books and Cafe. Poets are free to compete. Doors open at 9:00 pm. The score card is below. Click here for details.

Score Card

  • JayLuvve, 1st, 4 points
  • Sisat Sols, 2nd, 3 points
  • Chris Ware, 3rd, 2 points
  • Copasetic Soul, 4th, 1 point
  • Enigman, 5th, 0.5 points



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