Hobie Wolff
co -Youth Poet Laureate

-About Hobie Wolff-

Hobie Wolff is the 2022 Co-Youth Poet Laureate of St. Louis. Hobie is a junior at Crossroads College Preparatory School where she is an active member of the community. She tutors younger grades and volunteers at school events while also being a part of three of the athletic teams. This year she was a member of the school's varsity volleyball team which went on to win the conference. She rekindled her love for poetry through a summer course in Spoken Word and has since been teaching a class on how to write and recite Spoken Word at her school while also writing her own poetry. Through her poetry she tries to capture all the things people are often too scared to say and hopes to use this art form as a way to inspire others to find their own voice, just as she has. She aims to be able to keep studying Mandarin and chemistry through college and be able to continue her poetry in the future.