Hobie Wolff, 2022 Co-Youth Poet Laureate of St. Louis

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Hobie Wolff is the 2022 Co-Youth Poet Laureate of St. Louis. Get to know more about who she by clicking on her bio page.

Check out one of Hobie’s poems below.

City of Houses
I’m terrified that one day my house will be abandoned
Every room turned dark, decrepit
Our memories forgotten
To think that they could be abandoned so casually seems impossible
Love should not be abandoned so easily
And yet I live in a city of houses where people get left behind everyday
We are the proof
Forgotten houses line our blocks down every street
They are alone and ignored
I can’t help but imagine the memories stuck to exposed support beams
Torn curtains and peeling wallpaper the living remnants of all that has been left behind
I wonder if that house knows it is abandoned
Too far North to be worth as much as its neighbors
No one cared enough to fix the window with a brick thrown through it
It doesn’t even look like a house anymore
A skeleton left behind its bones exposed ribs ripped open and its heart abandoned
I wonder what it looked like before
I wonder if the family still remembers to miss it- I hope they miss it
I don’t want people to forget to miss me
I don’t want to be left alone to crumble in front of a highway
Boards plastered over the parts of me that aren’t whole enough
I was built to house people inside of my ribcage and support them in my palm
My walls made to be drawn on and my floors made to scratched
We should been loved until we fall apart
Not pushed away and left to crumble
I was built to be loved
(And to love you back)
Not to be left behind
But I live in a city of forgotten stories
A city of North and South
I live in a city of abandoned houses
Who we were built to be loved


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