Urban Hang Suite featuring Sahara Sista S.O.L.S.

Over 20 years ago, MK Stallings organized his first poetry set. He called it Urban Hang Suite after the classic Maxwell album. Ultimately, he viewed the event as foundational to what would become UrbArts. To mark the org anniversary, MK is bringing it back.

Details on this event are still unfolding but a key part is celebrating Sahara Sista S.O.L.S. as she leaves STL. This event will feature wordsmithing from MK, Sahara, and many more to be named later.  Another key is that this may be the only event we do to mark the founding of UrbArts 20 years ago.


Is this ticketed? Not sure.

Is it free? Again, not sure.

Are masks required? Yes.

Is this the official anniversary event? Most likely.

Is this a going away event for Sahara Sista S.O.L.S.? Absolutely.

Livestreamed? Maybe.

Will videos be posted on YouTube? That’s the plan.

Will there be poetry? Most definitely.


Oct 17 2021


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Urb Arts


Urb Arts
2600 N. 14th Street

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