Below is a compilation of data related to police killings and instances when people died in police custody.  A great source for lists of killings by law enforcement is Wikipedia, where much of the information below can be accessed. Additional research came from news searches by the victim’s name or circumstance of their death.  This list is not exhaustive but is representative of the Greater St. Louis region from 2010 to 2020. Below is the date of death, name of victim, area in the region where death occurred and circumstances of the killing.  This list will be maintained and updated weekly.


Bennett, Normane (23)


Bennett was shot after he fled from police who tried to arrest him for alleged drug activity. Police at the time said Bennett’s family attacked officers, allowing him to flee, and that Bennett pulled a revolver, pointing it at the detective chasing him. The family disputed many of these claims, including that Bennett was armed, in a federal suit.

“Family of man killed by St. Louis police sues in federal court”. The St. Louis Times, Mar. 1, 2012.


Moore, Jason (31)


Shot three times with a Taser and died. Family told media he had a mental illness. Civil suit was filed by his family in Federal court in 2014.

 “In Ferguson, Scrutiny on Police Is Growing”. New York Times. August 20, 2014.


Brown, Anna (29)

Richmond Heights

Two officers then pulled her into the station by her arms. Police listed “suspected drug use” as Brown’s physical state and “unknown leg pain” under medical notes.

While at the police station, Brown’s condition worsened. Officers carried her by her arms and legs into a cell and left her on her back on the floor. She moaned and moved her head back and forth. She’s last seen moving on the tapes at 2 p.m.
Source: St. Louis Today (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


Jones, Brandon (23)


Officers were responding to a home burglary by three individuals when two of them began shooting at police. In their return fire officers shot Jones to death, while the other two suspects fled and were captured. A SWAT team was also present.

George Sells (July 10, 2012). “Suspect Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting”. KTVI. Heather Lodge (July 10, 2012). “Police were responding to a burglary on famous avenue”. KSDK.


Heeter, Richard


Police were responding to a report of shots fired at a home when Heeter allegedly shot two of the responding officers and then fled. A SWAT team was called and Heeter was found, but refused commands to lay down on the ground and allegedly stabbed a SWAT officer. Other officers opened fire, killing him. 

Vera Culley & George Sells (July 25, 2012).

 “Officer Shoot and Kill Man Who Allegedly Shot, Stabbed Police”. KTVI.


Pollard, Myron (18)


Pollard was shot by an ATF agent and died the following morning. The ATF and local police were attempting to arrest Pollard and four others following a multi-week investigation.  

“Man shot by ATF agent in St. Louis dies”. St. Louis Today (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).


Anderson, Willie (54)


Shot by officers after allegedly advancing on them with a machete.  “Man with machete is fatally shot by St. Louis police”. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Worley, Kevin (25)


Worley was a suspect in recent home invasions. An officer spotted him sitting in a car at a gas station. When the officer approached and ordered Worley to show his hands, Worley pulled out a gun. Worley was fatally shot when he allegedly pointed the weapon at the officer.  “Rock Hill Police Kill Man Suspected in Recent Home Invasion”. KMOX.


Ball, Cary (25)


Ball was shot after allegedly pointing a gun at officers. Police say they recovered a loaded .40 caliber semi automatic gun with an extended magazine at the scene.  “Police ID Suspect Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting”. KTVI.


Nash, Antonio (18)


Nash was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer during an attempted robbery. “2 charged after fatal shooting involving off-duty officer in Forest Park”KMOV. September 24, 2013.


unnamed male


After reports of a man wielding a heavy duty semi-automatic pistol were made, police arrived on the scene. The man was killed during a shootout with police officers.  Jaco, Charles (October 25, 2013). “Phone tip leads to north St. Louis police shoot-out; suspect killed”FOX 2 Now.


Brischetto, Damon (29)

STL County

An officer spotted Brischetto speeding early on February 27. The car had crashed into a guardrail and burst into flames. Police could see two women inside the car and wanted to help get them out. As officers tried to find a fire extinguisher, a Woodson Terrace officer saw a man inside the burning car holding a gun, police say. Brischetto fired shots, and the officers returned fire. The two women survived the crash. One of the women got out on her own. Police pulled the other woman to safety from the back seat. She suffered severe burns. Neither woman is being charged with any crime in connection to the incident. Police have not identified either woman. Bell, Kim. “Dental records identify dead man from Woodson Terrace crash, shootout with police”



Brown was fatally shot by officer Darren Wilson at 2:15 pm. According to officer Wilson and several witnesses, Brown, who was unarmed, assaulted a police officer, and reached for the officer’s handgun. The officer then shot Brown. Some witnesses stated that Brown did not assault the officer or go for his gun, but that the patrol car door was opened so close and with such force that it bounced off Brown and closed on the officer. Additionally, some witnesses state Brown had his hands in the air when he was shot dead by the officer and others say he did not. All available evidence and subsequent investigations found Wilson’s version of the event and witnesses supporting him credible. Several witnesses, most of them attempting to support Brown, were found to have lied and provided false testimony or simply admitted to investigators they were lying.

“Ferguson, Missouri Community Furious After Teen Shot Dead By Police”. The Huffington Post.

 “Tracking the Events in the Wake of Michael Brown’s Shooting”. 10 November 2014.  

ABC News. “Exclusive: Watch George Stephanopoulos’ Full Interview With Police Officer Darren Wilson”. ABC News.  Eckholm, Erik; Apuzzo, Matt (4 March 2015).

“Darren Wilson Is Cleared of Rights Violations in Ferguson Shooting”.


Powell, Kajieme (25)


A 25-year-old man with a knife was shot by two officers. The man was reported saying that he wanted to die; family report he was “mentally challenged”. The shooting took place three miles away from the site of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and occurred during Ferguson unrest.  Live Blog: St. Louis City police shoot, kill knife-wielding suspect, August 19, 2014.


Willis, Michael (42)


St. Louis County police officers shot and killed a man after he pointed a rifle at them during a chase in suburban St. Louis. Armed man shot, killed by police,, September 17, 2014.  Man Shot By Police is Identified,, September 20, 2014.


Randle-King, Kimberlee  (21)


Last September, Pagedale police arrested 21-year-old Kimberlee Randle-King for getting in a street fight. Noting several “failure to appear” warrants for her arrest, the officers put her in jail….Within minutes, she was dead in her cell….The cops called it a suicide. But in the post-Ferguson climate, not everyone believed them. Many family members and protestors gathered in Pagedale a few days after the death.


Myers Jr., Vonderrit (18)


During a foot pursuit, Myers fired three rounds at the officer. The officer returned fire, killing Myers.

Banker, A. “Fatal officer involved shooting in south St. Louis leads to crowd unrest”. 



Police shot and killed Martin after he allegedly pointed a gun at them outside of a gas station in Berkeley, just two miles from Ferguson, Missouri.

“Berkeley officer fatally shoots teenager”. St Louis Today. Retrieved December 23, 2014.  “See the Aftermath of the Fatal Police Shooting of Antonio Martin”. Time. Retrieved December 23, 2014.


Holmes, Isaac (19)


Holmes was a passenger in a stolen car and allegedly exited the vehicle with a gun. Officers ordered him to drop the gun and after he refused he was shot and killed.

 “UPDATED: Man Shot, Killed by St. Louis Police”. January 22, 2015. Archived from the original on December 1, 2017. 


Goebel, Michael (29)

Franklin County

(Police action) Goebel was suspected of being involved in a stolen car ring and was wanted by several agencies. During a raid, he attempted to escape in a truck, striking an officer and a vehicle with the truck. He was pronounced dead after being air lifted to a hospital. staff. “Wanted suspect killed in officer-involved shooting in Franklin County”. St. Louis. Archived from the original on January 22, 2015. 


Allen, Thomas (34)


When Allen attempted to drive away from a traffic stop, a Wellston police officer jumped partially into the car. The officer fired at Allen, who died of his injuries in hospital on March 1.

Toler, Lindsey (2 March 2015). “[UPDATE] Wellston Cop Jumps Into Moving Car, Fatally Shoots Fleeing Suspect Thomas Allen: Police”The Riverfront Times


Williams, Ledarius (23)


Ledarius Williams was shot and killed after police say he produced a gun while having an altercation with police officers.

Adam McDonald, Dan Greenwald. “Man who died in officer-involved shooting in south St. Louis identified”. Retrieved 9 February 2015.


McCarroll, Thaddeus (23)


The man’s mother reported he had barricaded himself in. Officers tried to engage McCarroll but he refused. A few hours later he came out of the house with a knife and Bible. Officers first shot his leg with a rubber bullet which didn’t stop him and he allegedly charged at officers, at which point they shot him.

 “Fatal officer-involved shooting reported in Jennings”. KMOV St. Louis.  “Police: Officers kill man who charged at them near St. Louis”. The Washington Post.  “Thaddeus McCarroll Shooting: Police Release Body Camera Video Of Man Killed By Police In Missouri”. International Business Times.


unnamed female (28)


According to a statement from Cathy Smentkowski, spokeswoman for the department of public safety in St. Louis, the family had just posted bond and before she was set to be released, she suffered a medical emergency.

Medical staff at the jail performed CPR, and she was taken by ambulance to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Source: St. Louis Today (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


Ball-Bey, Mansur (18)


Ball-Bey was shot in the back by police, who alleged he was aiming a gun at them.“Tensions flare up in St. Louis amid black teenager death”.  

“Richard Jacquez (10832)”. 17 August 2015.


Brooks, Jason (41)

East St. Louis

Brooks was reportedly shooting at cars and bystanders, and Illinois State Police responded to the scene, and shot him.

 “Police Shootings in 2016”Washington Post


Gebhard, Tyler (20)


Gebhard was shot by an off-duty police officer while allegedly attempting to break into the officer’s residence.

 “Off-duty cop fatally shoots man who broke into his home after pair argued over Black Lives Matter on Facebook”. July 11, 2016


Bush, George P. III (19)


Bush, a suspect in a murder and other crimes, allegedly pulled up next to a police sergeant at a traffic light and shot him in the face twice, then fled the scene. He was killed by police after a chase and a gun battle.

“‘Targeted’: Four Police Shootings in Three States in 24 Hours Rattle Authorities”. NBC News. November 21, 2016. 


Watson, William (40)

STL County

U.S. marshal serving a warrant in Glasgow Village was shot by a suspect inside a residence. Other marshals responding to the scene had a gunbattle with Watson, who was eventually found dead inside. 

“US Marshal shot in north St. Louis County; suspect killed in shootout”. Fox2Now. 26 February 2018. 

“US Marshal shot and suspect barricaded in St. Louis”. Fox 61. 26 February 2018. 


Floyd, Quency Chavez (22)



Hunn, James  (61)


Hunn was shot by police and died on March 25, 2019 from his injuries.

 “Man shot by University City police officer last week in possible ‘suicide by cop’ dies”. Retrieved 5 July 2020.


Robinson, Kaylon (18)


Robinson was shot and killed by police.[21] Skrivan, Laurie. “Man killed by St. Louis officer after pointing guns in direction of police is identified” Retrieved 6 July 2020.


Brooks, Demetrious  (34)


Brooks was shot and killed by police.

Rice, Rachel; Bell, Kim. “Man shot and killed by St. Louis police officer during struggle over gun, chief says”


Brooks, Demetrious  (34)


Brooks was shot and killed by police.

Rice, Rachel; Bell, Kim. “Man shot and killed by St. Louis police officer during struggle over gun, chief says”


Cotton, Rodnell  (26)


Cotton was shot and killed by police.

Heffernan, Erin. “Police ID man killed by St. Louis police, release new details in shootout”