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African Americans have always had their own definition of “cool” that differs from the dominant European standard.  In her new book author Rebecca Walker sheds light on what’s cool about the “black cool.”

When most of us think of the phrase “black cool” we think of countless images of soulful blacks from the 60s’, or more recently, President Obama who was featured in a sharp suit and sunglasses on the cover of Ebony magazine’s issue themed black cool.  Renowned mother, author, and activist Rebecca Walker has been building her reputation as a public intellectual.  Her subjects of specialty include issues related to race, motherhood and family.  Below is an excerpt from a recent interview on her new edited volume Black Cool:

“From Air Jordans to gold teeth and huge diamonds, this generation thinks that Black Cool is something to buy, put on, acquire. They don’t understand that it’s something they possess internally. Black Cool is a way of being, a human modality that doesn’t need money to manifest. You can use objects to express it, but if you don’t have it on the inside, if you don’t get that Cool is about dignity and grace and restraint and style and personal authenticity, you are as far from real Black Cool as you can be.”


To read the rest of Walker’s interview follow the link below.

Defining Black Cool: Author and Activist Rebecca Walker on Her New Edited Volume Black Cool.

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