December 2015 Poetry Slam Results

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December 2015 Poetry Slam Results
PlaceNameRound 1 ScoreRound 1 RankRound 2 ScoreRound 2 RankTotal ScoreTotal RankPoem Titles
1stSahara Sista SOLS29129.1258.13Here is Victory/Fire Doesn’t Die
2ndSidney Rehg28.2328.9357.16Yellow Jacket/Hold Tight
2ndTerrel Jordan29128.3557.36Deepest Apologies/Lies from the Mirror
4thFeliceSkye27.1729.2156.38What Must This Be/The Fall
5thJust Rich27.5628.8456.310I Love You Mary Jane/The Misses


Spit-Fire27.6427.6655.2916 Bullets/ The Forgotten
7thMikkel Snyder27.6427.475511 


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