Chris Ware Wins Sept Slam

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Chris Ware Wins Sept Slam

Chris Ware edged out Blackstone for first place in the September UrbSLAM match, winning by a tenth of a point.

It wasn’t easy for the 2013 alternate. Ware trailed the 2012 UrbSLAM champ, Jay Luvve, by three-tenths of point after the first round. By the end, Ware managed to place just enough distance between himself and his nearest competitors by posting strong numbers early in the competition and remaining consistent in the final round. This win leaves Chris Ware one first place finish away from qualifying for Final Stage.

Poetic Slang, 2013 UrbSLAM team member, took third place with her crowd-pleasing poem Apple American Pie. Jay Luvve came in fourth, followed by newcomer Enigma in fifth. The next slam is October 25, 2013.

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