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Camryn Howe is the 2018 St. Louis Youth Poet Laureate. A member of the 2017 VerbQuake Youth Poetry Slam championship team K-Word of Kirkwood High School, Camryn has been writing since joining her high school club in 2015. In her free time she enjoys creating many forms of art and advocating for change in school policy in relation to mental health and other teen issues.

She uses her writing to reach out to those feeling alone within society whether that be adolescents of mixed race, in poverty, or surviving after sexual assault; for her bringing comfort to one is more important than appealing to the majority.

Below is an excerpt of her poem,  “Education from a North County Girl”

16 dollars
The price of the PSAT
It’s the same price as a pair of jeans
2 twenty-one ounce bottles of dawn
8 bus rides one way
4 loads of laundry
Or 80 packets of ramen noodles
I can calculate those numbers inside my head within seconds
And people like to mention how smart I sound
But that doesn’t sound like smart to me
It’s just practicality
Like how to tie your shoes
Don’t eat glue
We don’t have food
It’s all things you learn in childhood