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Artist Bio

Michael “Brookyln” Kingsboro, is a visual artist whose weapon of choice is a graffiti can. Growing up in New York, Kingsboro had a phenomenal amount of inspiration thrown at him and he continues to utilize it every day within his artwork. Ranging from small canvases to giant murals on the sides of trucks, Brooklyn uses every chance received to leave his mark.

The driving force of Kingsboro’s artistic style has always been graffiti. Since a child, his life and artwork have been inspired by this form of art before it was actually accepted as art. The subways, brick walls and alleyways of New York harbored no limitations on creative capability. If it was a surface, best believe it was getting tagged and that is what helped Kingsboro harness his skills into what it is today.

Once getting really involved into creative composition with graffiti art, Kingsboro graduated from tagging walls in Brooklyn, to expanding to the surrounding tunnels of New York. Meeting new creatives who carried the same passion of graffiti art helped him grow as an artist. “The Writers Bench” is where all the other taggers of New York linked and swapped out their black books full of drafts. This act of networking helped each artist come up with new ideas in the late 80’s. It was there that Kingsboro received a further understanding of how art can change his perception on life.

To him, Graffiti is an outlet that represents a busy and layered lifestyle. He is able to fully express each layer creatively with spray paint. Each of his creations carry a vast number of layers that can only be peeled back by taking your time to really look into it. They feature vibrant strokes of color, quotes from historical figures and characters that represent a story.

While leaving his mark In St. Louis, Kingsboro has achieved many accomplishments. He has successfully helped run art shows that give local artist a location to showcase their work and has even been sponsored to paint during events. Next on the list is a solo art show that features 25 pieces of his most intricate work happening September 1, 2017. There is no stopping this creative force from creating and if you ever get a chance to see any of this artwork, make sure you take your time to really digest it.