Brandon Murphy’s Love for Art

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Brandon Murphy’s Love for Art

Brandon Murphy, 24, a local resident of St. Louis, MO has always possessed a passion for art. While attending Lafayette High School, Murphy realized that he was capable of creating unique paintings and drawings. Murphy mentions, “When I was at the age of thirteen, I always made creative drawings and paintings.” Not only did Murphy have the passion for art, he also had a substantial amount of talent. However, he soon began to follow another path that would take him down a road leading to “graphic design.”

In order to enhance his skills in the graphic design field, Murphy decided to attend ITT Tech Institute in 2008 and he majored in Visual Communication. Murphy states, “When I was introduced to the new world of graphic design in a high school course, I fell in love. The universe of art that managed to escape my eye was my final home and it allowed me to let my creative imagination run wild.” Graphic design provides a new prospective for Murphy and with it he feels limitless.

Murphy plans to soon become an entrepreneur in the graphic design field. With expertise in Photo-shop, Dream Weaver, Flash, Lead Tool, Illustrator and After Effects, this young man is prepared to gain knowledge in other programs and be one of the greatest graphic designers there ever was. He states, “Now my objective is to become the best graphic designer in the work field.” Murphy is on the right track to make his dreams come true and to fulfill his passion for art. The fire that he has burning will soon be quenched once he accomplishes his ultimate goal of becoming the best graphic designer.

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