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3 min time limit, 10 second grace period. 5 Judges randomly selected from audience.  No props. No costumes. No musical accompaniment. NO REPEATS. 1 prelim, top team advances to final. 4 team final. 1 (half) day. 


All venues for Borderland Regional will be in Old North St. Louis beginning with preliminary bouts Saturday afternoon (4:00) and final that night (8:00).  Entry is $FREE for prelims and $10 for the final.

It's Slam Poetry

Poetry slam has been around for three decades and requires randomly selected audience members to be the judge. Unlike slams where individual poets win or lose alone, Borderland Regional will bring together teams of poets from nearby cities to compete. This time for a $1,000 prize.  

32+ Poets | 8+ Teams | $1,000 Cash Prize

How Can I Get Involved?


Teams can register for $50.00 to compete here. If you run a PSi venue, let us know on the form and we'll place you in W&YI bout. 



Enjoy some of the best poetry you'll hear and help us choose the winning team by being a judge. Buy tickets here.

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Poetry slam tournaments require a lot help to run smoothly. Consider volunteering. Complete this volunteer form and enjoy the tournament for free.