Billy Williams Visual Artist

-About Billy Williams-

Artist Billy Williams possesses a great passion for art which he channels in the creation of his pieces. “I’m infatuated with the process of creating art,” says Williams.  He is enjoys the amazement of watching art unfold. The entire creation process intrigues Billy; beginning with a thought, concept, or color and manifesting them into a work of art is a magnificent process that always impresses him.  According to Williams, he is “fortunate to have the talent and confidence to be considered an artist.”

As stated by Billy, his work is a conscious and subconscious reflection of his thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  Williams’ work is mainly figural incorporating, including an array of faces silhouettes, colorful details and hybrid elements.  Most of his works are spontaneous creations that reflect African American culture.  Color and line play also play a considerable role in his work.  Billy is a huge fan of contour lines.  He often plays with depth, leaving part of his figures flat and giving depth to other parts.  Williams likes to refer to his style as “Contemporary Figurative” work.