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Urb SLAM: And the Winner Is…

The sounds of blazing words set the mic on fire as some of St. Louis’ finest competed for the crown of Slam Champion at Urb Poetry hosted at Legacy Books and Café.

Roaring applause and snaps were bountiful as poet Jay Luvve serenaded the crowd with his prolific prose that eventually won him enough points to take the crown.

You taught them never go into that hood nigga… If you see a hood
nigga, shoot first especially if he got on that hood, nigga

“Who’s Really the Nigga,” a poem dealing with stereotypes that demean African Americans,  earned Jay Luvve a perfect score at the slam, securing his victory.

Jay Luvve, who has only been on the poetry scene for seven months but has been writing for five years is excited and humbled to wear the crown of Slam champion. “It feels good. Competing against other good poets and coming out on top is always good,” expressed Luvve. “But it’s still a learning experience.”

As champion, Jay Luvve will compete at the 20th Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Tampa, Florida with his slam team that includes poets EmCee, Louis Conphliction and Surreal Sista, with Greg the Poet as an alternate.

According to the website, the 2012 Southern Fried Poetry Slam will host 24 teams from all over the South (and beyond). Over the course of three days, over one hundred poets will compete at several venues in Ybor City, all leading up to Finals Night, June 9, 2012, where the top team and individual performers will compete for the cash grand prize.

Urban Artist Alliance for Child Development (UAACD), a local non-profit with the mission to enhance the social and cultural well-being of young people through arts and education, is the creator of Urb Poetry and will support the Slam team in Tampa by paying for their hotel stay, transportation and all costs associated with the trip. UAACD is currently fundraising for the entire team.

As the Slam Champion, Jay Luvve will also have the honor of representing Urb Poetry at the Individual World Poetry Slam this October in Fayette, Arkansas.

The sky is the limit for this young poet, who only wants to make St. Louis proud, listen to different styles of poetry and learn from them.

“I’m not writing just to write. When I write, I write my heart down,” expresses Jay Luvve. “Everything that you’ve heard me spit, read about or comes from me is true. These things actually happened.”

And after only seven months in the game, the winner is Jay Luvve and this actually happened.

To support the St. Louis Slam team and their trip to Tampa, Florida, please visit their funding campaign page.

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