Yoga for Beginners: 4 Things You Should Know

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Yoga for Beginners: 4 Things You Should Know

Yoga with Nico is a weekly class at UrbArts led by Nico, a Yogi & DJ. UrbArts asked Nico to send us some info to share with Yoga students as they develop their practice. We’ll post her thoughts as often as possible.

Here are the four things a beginner of yoga should know.

1. Prioritize wearing comfortable and breathable clothing. You don’t need fancy workout gear unless you desire to buy it.

2. Any yoga mat will do. You don’t need an expensive yoga mat. The yoga mat’s purpose is to separate you from the floor. You can find some for as low as $5-$7. This will get you started until you decide you want something else.

3. Eating a light meal 30 minutes before class is preferred over full stomachs. The twisting and turning from yoga massages the organs and can make your practice uncomfortable if you are full. 

4. Honor your limits by working to your edge only. While I encourage you to challenge yourself, do not exceed your limit. This is your practice. Do not compare yourself to or compete with others.

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