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Photo by Dannie Boyd
Photo by Dannie Boyd

Saint Louis, MO – April 1, 2014 – Four teams of high school poets will vie for the Grand Slam championship during poetry month at the Missouri History Museum. K-Word of Kirkwood High School, Slam Cats of Hazelwood West, Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory and Cleveland NJROTC emerged from tournament competition in March to sling metaphors and cast narratives that will capture the audience’s imagination.


In addition to the poetry slam teams, seven individual youth poets will compete for the Indie Grand Slam Championship. Teens representing the aforementioned Slam Cats and K-Word will be joined by Gateway STEM, Northwest Academy of Law, and Central Visual and Performing Arts in a contest for individual honors during the Grand Slam.

Poetry slam is a spoken word poetry competition that is judged by members of the community based on the content and performance of the poet. UrbArts has given teen word warriors throughout the St. Louis region a platform for self-expression through VerbQuake Youth Poetry Slam since January 2012. Beyond the platform, teens are coached by experienced poets who regularly compete and win poetry slams in St. Louis and elsewhere.


VerbQuake is an UrbArts youth program made possible in part by funding from the Missouri Arts Council and Regional Arts Commission, and generous donations from community members.


The 3rd Annual VerbQuake Grand Slam is free and open to the public. Doors open at 2:30 and the program begins at 3:00 pm Saturday, April 19, 2014. The Missouri History Museum has hosted the VerbQuake Grand Slam since its first year. For more information on VerbQuake, visit For more information on the Missouri History Museum, please visit 



  • Kirkwood High School (K-Word)
  • Hazelwood West (Slam Cats)
  • Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory
  • Cleveland NJROTC


  • Truth B Told (Slam Cats)
  • Lexi (Slam Cats)
  • Faith (Slam Cats)
  • Euphone’ (K-Word)
  • Ayont (Central Visual and Performing Arts)
  • Big Mo (Gateway Stem)
  • Alisha (Northwest Academy of Law)

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